A girl and her dog with an insane love for Jesus and a passion for transformations; mind - body - spiritual. 

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I pray today you take one step

towards investing in yourself and who you want to become, what you want to accomplish, and where you want to go in this life. Whatever that entails for you, I pray you do what's best for you, today, and everyday.

- Kenzie 



"The thing I have learned the most with Kenzie as my trainer has been that no amount of desire will get you into shape.  It takes hard work and getting yourself to actually do the work. Once I started to do the work, the results came.  She showed me the way to do it and that I can get to my goals."



"I have been working with Kenzie for about 1 1/2 years.  I have gone down 4 sizes and was pre-diabetic and am free of all medications.  I would not be where I am without Kenzie.  I look forward to every training session and I am the happiest when I am in the gym.  I can say life is great and I love it to the max."



There are times when others may be able to recognize our strengths and capabilities beyond what we can see within ourselves! Kenzie knowingly trains in way that will deliver results. She and I have committed to my strength training program weekly for over a year. I show up, she pushes me. I set goals, she helps me achieve them. Commitment to yourself sometimes comes second, third or even last, but if you make the decision to put your own health, mind and body as the priority Kenzie is going to be your partner and help you achieve the intended results!



An educated, prepared and aware trainer will make all the difference in your workouts and that is what I found in Kenzie Diercks. I have worked with her for over two years and during that time she has provided knowledge, motivation, encouragement, and a reality check. Always pushing me to do what I thought I couldn’t; reinforcing that I can be strong, have muscle and still be happy and reminding me that I can gain weight because pounds don’t always come in the form of fat.I thought being in shape meant I would be skinny. I thought being skinny meant I would be happy. What I found is that there is happiness from being in shape and that doesn’t included my warped idea of being skinny, but rather a fit and strong body that comes from a healthy mindset. I contribute the change in mindset to Kenzie. Her knowledge and expertise in the industry have allowed me to achieve my immediate goals of getting stronger and not skinnier.  I highly recommend her as a trainer to anyone that asks and I even recommend her to those that don’t.

Red Wing,MN | | 651.380.9246