• Kenzie Diercks

Welcome To My New Website!

Hello! Welcome to my new website! I can not thank you enough for your interest in visiting my site and working with me! I will be updating my blog at least once a week and will soon be launching short videos each day to highlight training tips, my workout style and motivations.

My training philosophy is centered around personalization. I believe that no two bodies are alike and that everyone's goals are different. Maybe you are an athlete who wants to run faster or jump higher. Maybe you're looking to lose weight. Or you could just want to start a healthier lifestyle. Whatever the motivation behind your move towards body health, I will work with you to define those goals, and create a plan that is not only right for you, but allows you to challenge yourself and go beyond where you thought you could go.

Get excited! The journey has just begun!

Work hard, play hard!


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