• Kenzie Diercks

Wildest Dreams.

What do your "wildest dreams" look like? Do you envision a future career, learning to scuba dive or that car you've always wanted? Do you see yourself roaming the Great Wall of China or exploring a forest in South America? Everyone has images dancing in their heads of dreams yet to come true. What's yours? Are you actively working towards achieving it?

One thing I love about my life, other than the beautiful people I'm surrounded by of course, is my ability to go after anything I want to achieve. My personality drives me to sprint harder towards what I want anytime I hear "no, you can't". Negativity and doubt from others only fuel me to get it faster and better. I choose to take on each challenge, even in my wildest of dreams, with the attitude that I CAN do it. I WILL do it.

This is the mentality I bring to each and every workout. I challenge my clients to work towards adopting this attitude, whether it's about gaining muscle, losing fat, or achieving another personal goal outside of fitness.

So, let me tell you about my wildest dream...

My wildest dream is to become a Nike Master Trainer. As I mentioned in my latest blog post, Alex Hipwell is a woman who I fiercely look up to. And, she just so happens to be a Nike Master Trainer. Her drive for what she wants in life is inspiring. I think it is so cool to see her share her passion with all to see for themselves. She inspires to instill in everyone the belief that you can do what you set your mind to. Check out this link to learn more about her @

To me, becoming a Nike Master Trainer is more than the logo, or advertising the name brand. I'm sure if you asked all of the Nike Trainers themselves, they would say the same thing. I follow this community of trainers pretty closely on social media and I love what they do. They get to work together as a powerful team, and preach their passion. Becoming a Nike Master Trainer means having a voice in the fitness comunity to create positive changes in lives not only in the United States, but across the world. It means working with like minded people towards a common goal - helping people thrive in their health and well being. It means pushing myself to limits where I sometimes may fail, but will always work to succeed and excel. It means living a rich life - in health, love, and determination. It means learning from some of the greatest, to hopefully one day become one of the greatest. Most importantly, it means doing what I love every single day while sharing my passion with the world.

Becoming a Nike Master Trainer is by far one of my biggest and wildest dreams I have and one of the greatest that I will chase. I reached out to Alex Hipwell about becoming one and she gave me a few words of advice. I need to work on my own for at least 2 years before I can apply. I am doing that now as a trainer at Anytime Fitness in Red Wing, MN as well as on my own in surrounding areas. I am trying to get as much experience as I can with all types of clients and training techniques. I have clients ranging from high school students to senior citizens, males and females, clients with physical disabilities, and of course every client has their own specific goal. I am also really working on my digital network. From my website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, I am trying to post at least once a day with "clean and authentic posts with meaning behind each post" just as Alex had told me. I know becoming a Nike Master Trainer isn't easy, but I don't want easy.. I want possible.

"Find your own goal — don’t focus on the girl next to you. She has a completely different height, shape, everything… Determine your own body vision." - Alex Hipwell

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