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The Come Back.

I’ve been trying to think of different blog posts to get something up on my site lately.. I’ve brainstormed some ideas regarding strictly weight lifting, training, and everything that this lifestyle of a personal trainer consists of but nothing has really stuck out to me that I felt was as important to share with everyone that I haven’t already on my fitness Instagram (kdiercks_fitness) or my Facebook – Kenzie Diercks Fitness. However, just this morning I realized what I needed to share and it goes like this…

2010…. This was the year where everything changed for me— my sophomore year in high school. Due to past head injuries and ongoing issues with my cardiovascular/neurological systems, I was unable to play both basketball and softball, but I was able to play volleyball. Heading into junior year I was again cleared to play volleyball, but was told basketball was out of the question and softball was a maybe. I ended up doing what I could in softball, but was again held back due to multiple different factors. By senior year, volleyball was my constant. Basketball was only a dream, and softball was a true disappointment, however, I was cleared to run track and field and ultimately finished my senior year on a good note.

Ignoring what I could play and what I couldn’t, it took me YEARS to figure out why this all happened. I remember even after graduation, talking to my dad about sports, and I would continue to break down and wonder where I would be if I was able to play each sport every single year…. Would I be living out my dream of playing college sports? What sport or sports would I be playing at the collegiate level? What was my potential going to be—could I have ever made it D1? And most frequently, why? Why did this happen? Why would God throw such a curve ball at me? What was God’s plan for me? I was lost.

Now here we are in 2016… Olivia Matzek is currently a junior at Ellsworth High School. She’s been a top contending athlete since her younger years. You don’t even have to watch her play to recognize the amount of unbelievable passion and hard work she puts into each sport as well as everything else she does. Unfortunately, Olivia tore her ACL in her right knee during summer basketball of her sophomore year. She was unable to play both volleyball and basketball but was able to run track and field which she both competed and used partly as more rehab. With everything going towards her hopes of being back out on the court starting her junior year, she tore her ACL in her left knee at the same basketball tournament she had the summer before..

I had always known of Olivia because of her talent in sports, but I had never truly gotten to know her until this year when I was offered the JV volleyball coaching position. I am unbelievably grateful God gave me this opportunity, because I finally have the answers to my burning questions..

Would I be living out my dream of playing college sports?

— No, God chose a different plan.

What sport or sports would I be playing at the collegiate level?

— None, God gave me the privilege of coaching.

What was my potential going to be— could I have ever made it D1?

Now the question is, how can I become a better coach?

Why, why did this happen?

— This is God’s plan.

Why would God throw such a curve ball at me?

— Because I could handle it.

What was God’s plan for me?

— God's plan IS... to learn and grow from my circumstances so that one day when the time came, and I met someone who reminded me of myself and my past, that I would be able to, in some shape or form, help her through some of life’s toughest obstacles so she too can do the same for the next one.

Now, for some of you this may all seem a little funny. “It’s just high school.” “It’s only a game.” “You have so much to look forward to.” “It could be worse.” etc, etc, etc… Blah, blah, blah. Is all of that true? Somewhat, but it doesn’t change the circumstances. The only thing that can help, and helped me, is choosing your damnedest to focus on what you can CONTROL. I chose to focus on what I had in life (which was more than I could ever ask for)— family, friends, faith, and finding the good in unpleasant situations.

And Liv, she’s making a come back.

Thank you Liv, and thank you Jesus.


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